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Bliss Molecules

We are not here to get you high, 
yet we will get your skincare routine lifted

Want to experience clearer, brighter, looking more tone and feeling more soft and supple? We at Bliss Molecules specialize in small batch, hand crafted skin care cosmeceuticals with the added benefit of hemp. The benefits of hemp are almost endless yet for the skin we focus on the anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and anti-oxidant properties. 

Bliss Molecules is so anti… you have to be for it

Serums that treat

From hydration to targeted treatments – these serums have the power to soothe skin from within

Penetrating Masks

Slough off and erase dead skin using our selection of exfoliators that will transform your skin

Silky Smooth Skin

Made with rice bran oil for a silky, soft, non greasy feel that provides moisturization all day long

As featured in L.A. Cannabis News

Woman of color-owned Hemp Extract cosmetics firm enters a joint venture with J&B Investments to scale and compete globally amid burgeoning “farm to face” beauty trend.

Bliss Molecules

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