Bianca Prachyl,

Always and In All Ways

Once upon a time I was just a little black girl in Newport Beach whose mother was in jail for cannabis, that wanted to make a difference and save the world so I started making and doing things differently. That led me to study all I could about different types of people so when I heard their story I could listen with a whole understanding heart. Which led me to study different modalities of health allowing me to advocate for the alternative. One day, everything I had learned, longed, loved and lived for came together at a point where I solved a neurological health concern for my child on my own; I found my purpose. With that purpose my goal is to drive what I love - cosmeceuticals and cannabis - through my platform of advocacy empowering women of color to achieve their goals in the cannabis space be they licensed or ancillary. I empower, encourage, educate and equip. That’s it. I just keep showing up, building vertically, linking arms, living life abundantly and loving without reservation.

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